21 Sep

Today is special day!



Today, 21st Sept we celebrate #Nationalfootdropawarenessday.

@footdropsociety  and therapist feel the ongoing need to raise the awareness that they are options available for people with a #Footdrop. It could appear in results of injury to the central nervous system such as stroke, MS, brain injury and many others. Different devices, solutions and settings are available through the trained physiotherapist in FES to support your gait, make it easier and enable you to claim your life back.

If you wish to discuss this subject in details, please contact me directly via mobile 07927 922 304 or by email: contact@neurophysiodirect.uk. The assessments are available in Milton Keynes as well as the outreach trips too. I would be happy to help!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,