Neuro Physio Direct offers following services:


  • Neurological physiotherapy– the specialised branch of physiotherapy for stroke, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, brain injuries and many others neurological conditions. All actions aim for improving available recovery, maintain the most optimal movement patterns and limited negative compensation.s1
  • Functional electrical stimulation (FES) foot drop stimulators such as Walkaide® Trulife and PACE XL® Medical Odstock Limited. They help clients to activate paralysed or weak muscles to lift the foot up during walking allowing to feel less tired, walk further or even helping with transfers on stairs. The same device could be used to strengthen other muscles to perform their function better. In order to learn more details about FES click
  • Postural awareness – how to learn how to hold yourself straighter and decrease back and limbs strains during everyday life. Simple pointers on how to assess your posture and help your body to reach freedom to move with the improved quality.
  • Emmett technique– a type of soft tissue therapy relying on the gentle touch the interactive points of muscles to enable the body to restore its balance and correct alignment. It will assist you in decreasing pain, muscle stiffness and improve the range of motions. For more details and videos please go to the website:
  • Saebo– is the management system created around various products to support and train an affected upper limb. Saebo flex – exercise hand brace will help with implementing active movements of hand, training elbow and shoulders motions by involvement in the function a whole upper limb. The dynamic hand splint – Saebo stretch helps with lengthening soft tissues and Saebo glove supports hand in more functional position when you experience the flaccid hand. It is a beneficial therapy for many stroke survivors or brain injury clients. Further details will be found in the resources section to access follow the link 
  • Soft tissue therapy- this method treats all structures located between skin, bones and muscles. It helps to gain lost tissues’ flexibility, improve the range of movements, muscles relaxation and general well-being. Those manipulations will involve trigger points therapy, massage, myofascial release and stretching.s6


  • PNF– Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation – treatment methods relying on the connection between muscles and nerves to stimulate the brain in order to restore correct movement patterns. The concept is based on the specific way of exercising muscles in full stretch position to full contraction. It is a very helpful technique to train the muscles activation, their timing and coordination.

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