Professionals (Case managers, GPs)

p1We offer individual therapy services in the clinic or clients’ home in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.

Established experience of neurological conditions allowed us to approach each patient with in-depth understanding of the complexity of human body. This versatile approach to physical problems helps us to tackle the issues from different angles and find the most effective solution.

Our aim is to serve your clients to bring the most out of their potential by using various treatment technique to assess their preferences and suitability in order to support clients in reaching their goals.

We provide individually tailored hands on therapy, personal training sessions and the application of assistive technology devices e.g. foot drop stimulators depending on the condition and expectations of your clients.
We strongly believe that with right support and frame of mind everything can be achieved!

If you are seeking committed health professionalist to support your client on the road to recovery or cost effiective  long term management call us to discuss desirable arrangements.

If you wish to learn more about the qualifications or previous experience please see the LinkedIN account: as well as .