13 Nov

Great guidebook for head injury clients and their relatives

Great guidebook  for head injury clients and relatives


 Recently I have read brilliant book by Terry Smith ‘Surviving head injury’. The author has presented his recovery time over two decades since his injury as young Marine in USMC Officer Candidate School in Quantico. He was involved in car accident where the vehicle topped over while travelling with significant speed. Despite the physical rehabilitation that allowed Mr Smith to become mobile and independent again, it left him with traumatic brain injury.

Mr Smith has mastered how to tackle major issues such as memory loss, paranoia, seizures and anxiety and learn how to start the healing process. The author presents his ways of addressing those difficulties as well as the change of his approach to treatment and surrounding people.

I have found it so uncomplicated and such a breath of fresh air in the tone of the guidebooks. The message is so much stronger as comes directly from person who has experienced all of it himself.

I would highly recommend this book to read in order to create the distance to the problems you experience and learn that recovery is ongoing and require time and patience not only from patients but also from their closest family. It is very inspiring story, touching me deeply as I have been participated in this journey to recovery with many clients.