22 Aug

New venture continues

Since March 2018 I have been co-organising EMM-Tech courses in Milton Keynes. EmmetLogos_Circle(O).indd

It is Easy Muscles Management based on #Emmett technique, #gentlemusclesrelease approach to aid muscles performance and relaxation. This short day course has been formulated by Ross Emmett – the founder of Emmett technique and originated in Australia. It was introduced in UK in 2006.

We aim this practical workshop to anyone who wishes to obtain skills to support their #selfcare by reduce the discomfort and increase the range of motions.

The course covers 11 technique from head to toes and present the most common solutions to our every day strains. At the end of the day, you will have practical skills to perform all the releases not only on others but most importantly yourself! Please see the attached file for more details.

The places are limited to ensure the quality learning during the course. Therefore, if you wish to attend please contact me directly to reserve your spot!

EMM-Tech MK post