15 Jan

Next event

Hello lovely people,


Here we are in the New Year. Are you settling in this fresh chapter?

Today, just a quick update on our next event coming on Sat 25th Jan 2020 – the EMM-Tech course in local Quaker Centre in Milton Keynes. It is hands-on learning for EveryBody who wishes to take control and proper care of your body and potentially help others with common difficulties.

Today is your chance to get empowered through new skills. We share with you the most powerful techniques on how to increase the range of motions and comfort in your neck, arms, legs and feet.

There are gentle, easy to follow instructions along during the day and the pictured manual to take with you home for revisions.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Your investment is £100 and the time on the day. New abilities, connections and fun learning with like-minded people will be provided.

If you have any questions, reach out to me or check our events page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/546167252631803/.

Looking forward to connecting with you



22 Aug

New venture continues

Since March 2018 I have been co-organising EMM-Tech courses in Milton Keynes. EmmetLogos_Circle(O).indd

It is Easy Muscles Management based on #Emmett technique, #gentlemusclesrelease approach to aid muscles performance and relaxation. This short day course has been formulated by Ross Emmett – the founder of Emmett technique and originated in Australia. It was introduced in UK in 2006.

We aim this practical workshop to anyone who wishes to obtain skills to support their #selfcare by reduce the discomfort and increase the range of motions.

The course covers 11 technique from head to toes and present the most common solutions to our every day strains. At the end of the day, you will have practical skills to perform all the releases not only on others but most importantly yourself! Please see the attached file for more details.

The places are limited to ensure the quality learning during the course. Therefore, if you wish to attend please contact me directly to reserve your spot!

EMM-Tech MK post


21 Sep

Today is special day!



Today, 21st Sept we celebrate #Nationalfootdropawarenessday.

@footdropsociety  and therapist feel the ongoing need to raise the awareness that they are options available for people with a #Footdrop. It could appear in results of injury to the central nervous system such as stroke, MS, brain injury and many others. Different devices, solutions and settings are available through the trained physiotherapist in FES to support your gait, make it easier and enable you to claim your life back.

If you wish to discuss this subject in details, please contact me directly via mobile 07927 922 304 or by email: contact@neurophysiodirect.uk. The assessments are available in Milton Keynes as well as the outreach trips too. I would be happy to help!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


20 Sep

New courses released!

Good morning to you all,

Here are our plans for the remaining months of this beautiful 2018.

After successful EMM-Tech courses in March and June, we released another two dates to support people with learning how to manage their body better.

It is first aid toolkit for muscles to reduce pain, improve range of motion and improve your balance.

Please read the poster for the main outline of the course objectives and please get in touch if you are interested or have any questions. The course aims to anyone over 16 years old who wishes to have tools to make you feel better. EMM-Tech course Milton Keynes 2018

Start your progress today

Start your progress today!



25 Feb

New venture!

Starting from March 2018 Neuro Physio Direct enters the new chapter.

After a couple years of practising the beautiful Emmett Technique, we have been involved in preparation for sharing the skills with the wider audience.

We are happy to announce that on Thur 15th March 2018 we co-host with Ms Suzanne Arnold first EMM-Tech course in Milton Keynes. It is Easy Muscle Management course for the general public to gain practical skills to alleviate the pain and discomfort as well as improve mobility and balance.

EMM-Tech course in Milton Keynes

Please check the details of our current course advert. For more details please visit the main website: www.emmet-uk.com More new dates will be released soon.

Get in touch if you wish to join us for this happy learning how to stay well and comfortable!

13 Nov

Great guidebook for head injury clients and their relatives

Great guidebook  for head injury clients and relatives


 Recently I have read brilliant book by Terry Smith ‘Surviving head injury’. The author has presented his recovery time over two decades since his injury as young Marine in USMC Officer Candidate School in Quantico. He was involved in car accident where the vehicle topped over while travelling with significant speed. Despite the physical rehabilitation that allowed Mr Smith to become mobile and independent again, it left him with traumatic brain injury.

Mr Smith has mastered how to tackle major issues such as memory loss, paranoia, seizures and anxiety and learn how to start the healing process. The author presents his ways of addressing those difficulties as well as the change of his approach to treatment and surrounding people.

I have found it so uncomplicated and such a breath of fresh air in the tone of the guidebooks. The message is so much stronger as comes directly from person who has experienced all of it himself.

I would highly recommend this book to read in order to create the distance to the problems you experience and learn that recovery is ongoing and require time and patience not only from patients but also from their closest family. It is very inspiring story, touching me deeply as I have been participated in this journey to recovery with many clients.



04 Aug

Being out of balance? read how to improve your situation

Do you have wobbly turns or feel sometimes unsteady on your feet? Maybe you have not realised that beside the neurological background of difficulties with performing balance reactions there is the whole scope of muscles related issues that could be easily resolved.

For effective balance reactions you need weight being well distributed via your feet to the ground. Therefore, any stiffness or movements limitations in feet joints, calves, knees or thighs could make this task harder to perform. Your brain relies on your senses and responsiveness of your limbs to follow required reaction to sustain a position. Therefore, maintaining correct (full) range of motions in the joints and overcoming building up stiffness is crucial to support your natural, spontaneous balance responses to work effectively.

It could be beneficial to perform massage or soft tissue release to improve the flexibility or joints cooperation in affected area. However the upright posture is the most important that allows the body to create the appropriate framework for the muscles.

In order to stay in good shape move frequently in correct posture to keep you structures happy to support with you with daily activities. Start your progress today!


make the first step


14 Jun

Getting it right easy?! 6 tips to get yourself healthier and happier in no time!

It is common that in the pursuit of next achievement (whatever is your goal) we have missed something that is so vital for our living – being happy with yourself! Everything depends on you and your connection with inner yourself.

Internal influences

Internal influences

In order to inspire successful communication between you and your body try:

  • SILENCE – organise a few minutes of quiet time to listen to your breath, register your emotions and let them go. It is so liberating to stop feeling this load on your shoulders. I encourage you to practise this. It will get only easier and more effective in shorter time!
  • FRESH AIR- go outdoors even if it is a local park. The surrounding greenery will assist you to rest your tired eyes and register sounds of nature. Let remind ourselves what are our roots. We are still integral part of ecosystem, therefore keep this connection alive and protect what is around you!
  • HYDRATION – the water is essential for human body to function. The body cannot store the water and must have fresh supplies everyday to perform virtually every metabolic process. Our organism is made in 60% out of water. Its content in blood is 92%, where the brain and muscles are 75% water, and bones are about 22% water.  Longer term reduced supply of fresh water can cause kidneys problem and contribute to many other conditions e.g increased blood pressure, clots and even strokes.  Daily recommendation for adults is 2-2.5 l of water intake to maintain good functioning however during hot weather, increased physical activities or air travel is it recommended to drink even more!
  • NUTRITION – is the cornerstone of our functioning. As they say ‘we are what we eat’. The food is the fuel for the body. All cells are growing, working and regenerating in what you eat. Having healthy meals is not a trendy thing to do. But it is the result of respect to your body- the integral part of yourself! Why wouldn’t you like to make feel better by digesting something good for your organs? Don’t you think it is time to change our opinions and work on establishing healthy habits? For our own sake?
  • SLEEP – is the time required for your body and mind to rest after whole day; Recommended length for average adult is 7-8 hours to recharge yourself fully. As much as you think that your body is switching off during night it is actually quite busy time for your brain to consolidate all information gather from your day in your memory, the digestive system still works on absorbing food from your meal, kidneys filtering your blood from toxins and other cellular processes are occurring. Shortening this time or significantly extending it is not beneficial for your organism.
  • POSITIVE THINKING – the powerful of our minds to turn things around even if they seems gloomy. Let try a quick exercises: by the end of the day start thinking what will be mprinted in your memory? Lovely sunshine and pleasent feeling during clear afternoon or heated discussion with your colleague? Let’s use our mind to make things better for us. Get your attention to positive side of life and you will see your health start improving. Less stress hormone (adrenaline) and testosterone  are being relised to your bloodstream if we are more relaxed what causes tensing our muscles and shallow breathing. Prolonged situation with such symptoms is detrimental for your body. Decreasing negative influences will require your work and practise over that approach but it will bring great results.

Let stop and think how we function. What are our priorities and goals in our lives? If you feel you could increase energy level, feel happier, maybe get in better shape you are in good place to start the change today. We are very committed to support our clients in their journey to better tomorrow. So from now on:

Be kind to yourself and your body!!!

25 May

Bank Holiday entertainment

Another Bank Holiday weekend is upon us. How are you spending you spare time to feel regenerated on the following day? Passive entertainment is so common, but does it actually work well for us?

After surfing the web for hours or watching movies do you feel energised? Don’t you think that it will be worth trying different to make us feel better?

We are blessed with good weather today so let’s go outdoors and explore such lovely spots around us.  The change in our daily routine is itsself – great factor to invigorate us. Additionally the fresh air and the sun will contribute to great recipe for successful and cheerful day of full positive energy coming your way!

Walking in the park is good enough to get it achieved. Why won’t you spice things up and do some running games with kids or throw tennis ball with you partner or pet. This will speed up your heart rate and more oxygen will reach you brain. Those activities will get your muscles working more than usual and afterwards they feel relaxed and the endorphins level will be on the rise.

Actively spent time will results in you feeling more relaxed and in better condition in the following day. So let’s get going!

strolling couple with dog in the forest

Outdoors activities and their influence on your wellbeing