04 Aug

Being out of balance? read how to improve your situation

Do you have wobbly turns or feel sometimes unsteady on your feet? Maybe you have not realised that beside the neurological background of difficulties with performing balance reactions there is the whole scope of muscles related issues that could be easily resolved.

For effective balance reactions you need weight being well distributed via your feet to the ground. Therefore, any stiffness or movements limitations in feet joints, calves, knees or thighs could make this task harder to perform. Your brain relies on your senses and responsiveness of your limbs to follow required reaction to sustain a position. Therefore, maintaining correct (full) range of motions in the joints and overcoming building up stiffness is crucial to support your natural, spontaneous balance responses to work effectively.

It could be beneficial to perform massage or soft tissue release to improve the flexibility or joints cooperation in affected area. However the upright posture is the most important that allows the body to create the appropriate framework for the muscles.

In order to stay in good shape move frequently in correct posture to keep you structures happy to support with you with daily activities. Start your progress today!


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